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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we ?

We are outplacement consultants. Our program represents a unique and proprietary methodology and curriculum. Our programs are the cornerstone of a development effort supported by community and business group over ten years.

What is our premise ?

Like you, we believe that people are your company's most important asset. When your business model calls for a work force reduction, it presents unique and complex management problems. Downsizing is a step no one wants to take. The dismissal of useful and productive persons (some long term employees, all contributors who have built the corporate asset) is always wrenching.
Business leaders charged with managing a corporation are trained to expect success and plan for growth. Few contemplate coping strategies for operational reductions. When income shortfalls do occur, only two options are available to management. Income must grow or expenses must be reduced. Income growth takes time and has many uncertainties. Expense reduction is tangible and is the path many executive select. Because payroll is the largest expense item in most company budgets, layoffs become the chosen strategy most often selected to reduce expenses.
What is our objective ?
We are committed to changing the corporate culture that only considers traditional options when layoffs are necessary. We believe Sampark can reduce the workforce responsibility while building a more confident labor pool and simultaneously strengthening the Corporation's bottom line.
Why ?
Because there is an alternative! Typically, layoffs are corrosive to individuals, families, employers, communities, and governments. Sampark creates a new paradigm that can change all that!
What do we offer ?
We offer consulting services to business looking to eliminate substantial numbers of employees. We also offer a proven entrepreneurial training program to employees targeted for dismissal.
We help our Client Companies to downsize responsibly. We offer viable alternative solutions to massive layoffs. We help Clients to treat employees destined for dismissal more humanely by giving those individuals an opportunity to work for themselves (with the assistance and support of the employer) thus creating a positive and responsible corporate image for the Client. Not every employee being fired wants to start his or her own company but, for those who do, we facilitise the opportunity.
Why are our services needed ?
Even though a business may consider extensive layoffs circumstantially essential, these reductions in staff none-the-less do create massive corporate headaches.

At the outset, Management is placed in a very unpopular position. It frequently finds alienated from relationships that had formerly been platonic. Corporate leaders must deal with abnormal amounts of unwelcome emotional and psychological stress. We help to reduce that stress.
Companies that must fire large number of employees usually lose the goodwill of dismissed employees. We help to retain that goodwill.
When mass discharges occur it is difficult to keep the morale of the surviving employees high. We help to maintain morale.
Retained personnel (and usually the most productive people) often seek other employment opportunities when downsizing are announced. We help to retain these employee.
When a company downsizes it is difficult to attract quality employees once the Company's fortunes improve. We make the task of attracting quality employees in the future less arduous.
When a company downsizes it becomes difficult to maintain a positive image with customers. Customers frequently view downsizes in a negative light. We help our Clients to maintain a positive and progressive customer image.
When a company downsizes it becomes difficult to retain stockholder confidence. Stockholders frequently assume that the company that is forced to downsize has little growth potential. We help to retain stockholder confidence.
When a Company downsizes it becomes difficult to preserve community goodwill. Large numbers of laid off employees often an unwanted burden on a community's social services. We help to preserve community good will.
How do we function ?
By working with the Company's Executive Officers we help to identity and preserve the key Corporate identity and we help to retain those individuals vital to the Client's ongoing Corporate success.
We work with the Human Resource Department to identify employee to be out-placed, taking into consideration the effect Sampark can have on the equation. This personnel list is reviewed and approved by Senior Management. In conjunction with Counsel, we help to create a discharge Plan for our client. We do not implement the plan; that is the sole responsibility of the Client Company. However, while the Company is implementing the discharge plan we will inform those employees targeted for dismissal that entrepreneurial training and resource assistance will be available as an alternative to severance and unemployment.
We will work with the Senior Financial Officer to identify those assets that the company will no longer require after the corporate merger or downsizing is completed. These assets will be made available and may be sold outright or in installments, leased or donated to redundant personnel for their entrepreneurial pursuits, in exchange for a waiver of severance benefits.
What are the benefits to our clients ?
The company maintains an ongoing positive and progressive Corporate image
  Management is viewed as responsible
  Management is viewed as creative in response to challenges
  Management maintains the respect of surviving employees
  The Corporation enjoys severance cost saving
  The Corporation may still retain the proprietary expertise of former employees
How do I start our association with Sampark?


What are the terms of payment?



Good for the Company
  Expertise and Planning assistance in a difficult managerial solution
  Contributes to achieving a favorable separation agreement
  Makes change management easier for the boss and the company
  Maintains a positive employer image among own staff
  Reduces legal and economic risks
  Brings a positive element into co-determination situations
  Reduces the risk of negative publicity
Good for the Individual
  Better and faster new placement
  Career planning and self leadership becomes more effective
  Learning most effective methods to find new employment
  Personal coaching and support by experienced consultants
  Availability of office services (in individual programmes)
The outplacement process includes three stages:
  Job search methods
  Job search campaign
The objective of outplacement is new/good placement in reasonable time - in this order. The entire process is characterized by an individual and solution focused approach.

The starting point for outplacement and career development is a good self knowledge. The self analysis focuses on five recruitment related issues:
  Professional skills
  Future expectations
  Economic factors
Based on the self-analysis, the programme also includes a psychological assessment.
Outplacement Solutions allow you to:
Adopt a socially responsible alternative to traditional downsizing methods
  Conserve Assets
  Lower severance costs
  Reduce separation related litigation potential
  Lower Executive stress
  Retain goodwill of former employees
  Increase productivity for retained employees
  Reduce workplace tension
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